Dual Decade is a Sweden based game studio that focuses on the mobile platforms. The parent company is Werewiz AB.

In YOU ARE HOPE it's your job to rebuild civilization from scratch together with other online players. Your life from birth to death lasts for at most 60 minutes of play time, but what you build remains after you die and will be used by your children and grand children for many generations after you are gone. You have to spend your time as wisely as possible: growing food, avoiding dangerous animals and advancing in the enormous tech tree.


Your mother and your children (and their children...) are all played by other players and your goal is to keep your family alive and prosperous, so it will remain in the world for as many generations as possible. Protect, feed and teach your children, and give them as many technological advantages you can! Collaborate with the other players, or you will all perish in short order.


"You are Hope" is based on a PC game called "ONE HOUR ONE LIFE", made by Jason Rohrer. He is not at all involved in making "You are Hope" though.

Our game and online world are separate from his, and contain changes and exclusive extra contents which we have made ourselves.


Download from AppStore or Google Play Store. Check the forum for latest news.




”Dash or Defend” is available for iOS  and Android.

It is a fast-paced player versus player action strategy game with some new innovating game concepts. Download from AppStore or Google Play Store .

Check dashordefend.com for updates, screen-shots and latest news.


Dash or Defend was inspired by the tower defense genre, but it adds enough new elements to be considered as the first game of its own genre. It’s a two-player game, where you choose either the tower side (Defend) or the side of the little guys and gals who have to try and run past the towers (Dash). The two sides have almost nothing in common, so it’s really like two games in one. Yet, they are balanced so that the stronger tactician will win, no matter which side he/she is playing. The maximum length of one game is five minutes, so it’s more intense than most TD games, but if you loose one game you almost always will have time for one more…


If you have ever wanted to defend against a human opponent instead of pre-defined waves, or if you have ever longed to help out those poor guys and gals that get bombarded by towers, then Dash or Defend might just be the game you didn’t know that you were waiting for. 



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